What Are the Prices for Dental Work in Cozumel, Mexico?


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Sitting just off Mexico's eastern coast opposite Playa del Carmen on the Yucatán Peninsula, the pretty island of Cozumel is home to sun, sea and a surprising number of dental clinics. This makes it an ideal destination for tourists looking to save money on their dental work while on vacation. 

Our partner Cozumel dentists provide not only low prices for international patients but also high-quality results when it comes to general, restorative and aesthetic procedures. Keep reading to see how much you can save at two of our most popular Cozumel clinics. 

Advanced Dental Care – Cozumel

International patients are welcomed with open arms at Advanced Dental Care - Cozumel, a reputable clinic located within walking distance from the beach and close to one of the main piers on Cozumel island (connecting it to the mainland). Their team of professionals have many years of experience in providing quality service to local and international patients at particularly affordable rates.

Advanced Dental organizes dental vacations for tourists including transportation from the airport, accommodation, treatments and sightseeing. Their team strives to create a clean, safe and comfortable environment.

Services at the clinic include examinations and general dental care, ultrasonic dental cleaning and scaling, oral surgery, adult orthodontics, laser teeth whitening and emergency dentistry.

Below are just a few of Advanced Dental’s procedures and prices:

  • Composite Filling: USD 28 | EUR 25 | CAD 37 | AUD 37 | NZD 38

  • Root Canal: USD 190 | EUR 170 | CAD 252 | AUD 250 | NZD 260

  • Extraction: USD 30 | EUR 27 | CAD 40 | AUD 39 | NZD 41

Western Prices:

  • Composite Filling: USD 140 | EUR 121| CAD 175 | AUD 172 | NZD 185

  • Root Canal: USD 1,350 | EUR 1,259 | CAD 1,822 | AUD 1,790 | NZD 1,920

  • Full Denture, Acrylic Teeth: USD 1,800 | EUR 1,680 | CAD 2,430 | AUD 2,385 | NZD 2,560


Sunshine Smiles

This dentist office offers unparalleled personal service, high-quality care, and genuine integrity in achieving your desired smile. They are committed to creating a friendly atmosphere combined with low prices and international standards. 

Dr. Aurelio Arteta has been a practicing dentist since 2000 and provides exceptional, full-service dental care in Cozumel. He is well respected for his abilities to offer a warm, friendly approach that is carefully combined with advanced technology. He is a graduate of the University UNITEC in Mexico City.

The following procedures and prices are just a few that Sunshine Smiles offers:

  • Composite Filling: USD 60 | EUR 53 | CAD 79 | AUD 79 | NZD 82

  • Composite Veneer: USD 275 | EUR 246 | CAD 365 | AUD 362| NZD 377

  • Full Denture, Acrylic Teeth: USD 500 | EUR 447 | CAD 662 | AUD 657 | NZD 684

Western Prices:

  • Composite Filling: USD 140 | EUR 121| CAD 175 | AUD 172 | NZD 185

  • Composite Veneer: USD 250 | EUR 233 | CAD 337 | AUD 331 | NZD 356

  • Full Denture, Acrylic Teeth: USD 1,800 | EUR 1,680 | CAD 2,430 | AUD 2,385 | NZD 2,560

To compare more prices, check out these other top Cozumel clinics listed with Dental Departures:

The Bottom Line

For a dental holiday where the emphasis really is on the "holiday" aspect, it doesn't get much better than Cozumel.

As for the prices for dental work in Cozumel, you can see above just how much you can save - with prices around 70% less than in the US.

Feel free to browse through our verified clinics and, when you're ready, book through our site or Customer Care Team to secure the best prices available on this stunning Mexican island. 


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