All on 6 in Marbella

The Ultimate Guide to All on 6 in Marbella

Replacing your teeth with All-on-6 dental implants is one of the most expensive dental procedures around. However, you have a much more affordable option if you head to Spain. You can save thousands on the procedure, so why not take a look at getting your brand-new smile with an All-on-6 in Marbella .


Losing all of your teeth is a traumatic experience, and while dentures can preserve your self-esteem somewhat, they aren’t the same as having your own teeth. Dentures are prone to slipping and although you can fix them with messy adhesives, they always feel like a make-do option.


Now you have an alternative with All-on-6 dental implants that replace a complete arch of teeth using just six dental implants. The implants are embedded into the jaw bone, acting just like a normal tooth root, and providing a stable base to attach a complete arch of teeth that won’t slip, fall out or wobble. You can offset the expense of implants—and bypass dentures altogether—by electing to travel across borders for your dental treatment.


What is Involved in an All-on-6 procedure?

Six dental implants are surgically placed in your jaw at strategic points to provide the greatest stability. The rear implants are longer and inserted at a 45-degree angle, rather than the 90-degree angle that traditional implants are placed.


The procedure can be carried out by a local anaesthetic, or with conscious sedation. A slit is made in the gum where each implant is to be placed so the dentist can access the jaw. The implants are placed into your jaw and your gum is then stitched closed. The difference between All-on-6 implants and traditional implants is that your new crowns are attached at the same time, and you can leave the dentist’s office with your new smile complete.


What are the Benefits of an All-on-6?


  • One sitting means less time in surgery and less recovery time;

  • All-on-6 dental implants may be suitable for patients with bone loss, unlike traditional implants;

  • The implants can be inserted at the same time that teeth are extracted—no need to wait for the gums to heal, and often no need to make a return trip to the dentist six months later.

  • Less treatment time is better for dental-phobic patients;

  • A new smile in one day.


What is the Cost of an All-on-6 in Marbella?

The savings for an All-on-6 in Marbella are incredible, as the table below shows:


UK £


US $



NZ $

All-on-6 costs – at home







All-on-6 costs – Marbella








Why should I get my All-on-6 treatment in Marbella?


  • Price: you can save thousands on the cost of All-on-6 in Marbella compared to the prices at home, making the procedure much more within reach for many people.

  • Spain’s healthcare system is highly ranked by the World Health Organization. Plus, as a member of the European Community, it adheres to the same Europe-wide regulations as other EU member states on health and safety.

  • Dentists are well-qualified and have international professional memberships with organizations like the International Congress of Oral Implantologists .

  • Dentists in Spain are all in private practice and, thus, are in competition with each other. It is in their interests to offer high-quality dental services at the best prices, or patients will just go elsewhere

  • Recovery and relaxation: Marbella is a great place to recuperate from your treatment in one of Europe’s most relaxing coastal settings. Marbella is easy to reach from the UK and Ireland. Malaga Airport, on the Costa del Sol, is only a 40-minute drive away from Marbella.


How Can I Find Good Quality All-on-6 Clinics in Marbella?

As you may have noticed, it’s not easy to find a competent clinic overseas. The Internet is a good place to start, although in these days of fake news it’s even more difficult to know what is trustworthy and what isn’t. 

This is why Dental Departures can help. Our years of experience working with dental providers from all over the world has them all together on our website, making it simple to search and select a dentist you can rely on in your desired destination. 

The verified clinics listed on our site have all been background checked personally by us. We do onsite visits and review any legal/criminal records. We include dentist qualifications and professional memberships on our listings, and we publish patient reviews, prices, clinic photos and much more. Simply put, if the information doesn’t stack up for us, you won’t find the facility listed on our site. So, you know you’re in good hands.

Take a look at some of the top-quality clinics in Marbella we have listed where implantologists and other specialists can provide you an All-on-6 procedure:

Crooke & Laguna Malaga

Vasaldora Clinica Dental

Clinica Dental Soriano

Why Else Should I Consider Going to Marbella for an All-on-6?

Marbella is a fantastic location for a holiday and with over 300 days of sunshine a year, you need not travel there in peak season (July and August).

Obviously, having been a popular destination for decades, Marbella is geared for tourists. You’ll find plenty in the way of accommodation, restaurants, bars and, of course, beaches. Despite recent high-rise development along the Costa del Sol, Marbella’s Old Quarter offers quaint narrow streets opening up onto treelined squares—many of which have plenty of al fresco restaurants, cafes and watering holes. The Golden Mile between Marbella and Puerto Banus is filled with upmarket hotels and ‘beach clubs,’ while Puerto Banus is the jet-set hangout—a great place for celeb spotting and admiring the huge yachts while you have dinner or drinks on the Marina. The money saved on your All-on-6 in Marbella allows you to splash out and have a luxury holiday yourself!


How Do I Book an Appointment?


Search our listings to find a clinic and ask for a free no-obligation quote. You can book an appointment online, or have a chat with our Customer Care Team if you’d like to know more about All-on-6s in Marbella.