Dentures in Manila

The Ultimate Guide to Dentures in Manila

Last fact-checked: 12 February 2020

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From the shores of Manila Bay to the vibrant markets of Chinatown, Manila is a busy, vibrant city with plenty to see and do. Historic districts, such as Intramuros, the old Spanish walled city, mingle with the modern tower blocks of the business district and the green open spaces of Manila’s parks.

Coping with missing teeth is a problem for people of all ages. Although replacing them in your home country can be expensive, leaving gaps in your smile will dent your confidence. What better way to restore your smile than to go on holiday, and let Manila’s expert dentists and laboratories provide your self-esteem.

Why Have Dentures in Manila? 

A popular holiday destination, people are also beginning to visit dentists in the Philippines, impressed by their professionalism and expertise and the affordable dental care they provide.

Booking an appointment through Dental Departures gives our patients an extra benefit. All our dentists have been background-checked by us, so booking with us ensures you have information about your dentist’s qualifications and experience before you travel. We also provide clinic photographs, patient reviews and other relevant information to reassure you on the suitability of your dentist.

The low costs in Manila are the initial attraction for patients looking for affordable dentures. What’s more, Dental Departures offers competitive prices and we guarantee you will not pay more than you need to for your dental care. 

How Long Do Dentures Take in Manila?

If you have recently had surgery or tooth extraction, it is recommended you wait for your gums to heal for a few months before you have a permanent denture. If your gums are healed your dentures can be usually be created and fitted in just a couple of days.

Having dentures fitted after extractions:

If you do have extractions, a non-permanent "healing denture" will be fitted in the meantime. It is lighter than a permanent denture and allows the gums to heal; you will need to wear it for around three months.

When you are ready for your permanent dentures, your dentist will discuss the options for the various materials at your first appointment. The different materials will affect the price and there are other pros and cons which, along with your dentist’s advice, may influence your decision.

For example, acrylic dentures are considerably lighter than porcelain and gentle on your teeth and gums. However, they are not as durable. Porcelain dentures have a very natural appearance, but they are more expensive than acrylic.

Once you have made your decision on the materials, impressions will be made of your mouth and sent to the lab to make your dentures. When your dentist will receive your new dentures from the lab (one or two days, or even same-day with CAD/CAM technology), and you will return to have them fitted. Your dentist will make sure they fit well and that you are happy with them before you leave the office.

What Is the Cost Comparison of Dentures in Australia and New Zealand to Manila?

A full acrylic denture, for either lower or upper teeth, starts from around AUD $1,800 in Australia. In Manila, they are around AUD $950.

Think about taking your next annual holiday in Manila and returning home with an affordable brand new smile with your top-quality dentures. Because there's no pain or recovery time, you can enjoy your days between appointments while putting some extra coins in your pocket!

How Do I Book Dentures in Manila?

We make it easy. Find a dentist, compare prices, read reviews, take virtual clinic tours and view high definition photos. When you've decided, choose and book online or call us on our toll-free number. Or you can book your appointment online at any time of the day or night, at no charge to you. 

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