Fillings in Costa Rica

The Ultimate Guide to Fillings in Costa Rica

Do yo need emergency or routine dental fillings in Costa Rica? Book an appointment with Dental Departures at one of our quality-checked dental clinics and save around 70% on comparable prices at home.

Dental fillings are a relatively inexpensive dental treatment, compared to other dental procedures. If you are visitingCosta Ricaon holiday you can make great savings by having your fillings done on holiday. Getting some dental treatment carried out while you are on holiday is probably not something you have thought about. However, if you consider that it may cost you less than two-thirds of the price at home then it may be something to bear in mind.

Just a few hours of discomfort will enable you to continue your holiday activities, while knowing that you have saved yourself a little money and taken care of your general dental maintenance should be enough to make you feel good about having taken time out of your holiday to get them done.

In the long-term, a few hours out of your holiday can save you lots of time and trouble further down the line, as well as your bank balance. Fillings are a simple way of ensuring your dental health is kept in check – neglect this aspect of your care routine and you could be storing up more problems for the future.

Why have dental fillings in Costa Rica?

Generally, you can expect the facilities and standards in Costa Rica to be equivalent to the standards at home. Contrary to some reports, dentists in Costa Rica are just as well trained as dentists are in North America, with many patients used to treating overseas patients opting to have membership of the US dentists’ professional body, as well as membership of the Costa Rican dentist association. Providing you book an appointment with a reputable dentist your treatment will be meted out with the same care.

We have vetted our dentists, ensuring their qualifications and experience are up to standard, and we also visit our dental clinics. Many of them put some of the clinics at home to shame, with new, state-of-the-art buildings and modern dental technologies being customary in many.

One of the other reasons you may want to have your fillings done in Costa Rica is if you are considering the replacement of amalgam fillings, for either health or esthetic reasons. At home, replacing a number of fillings can soon start to mount-up cost-wise, but in Costa Rica you can have three fillings for the price you would pay for just one filling at home.

How long do dental fillings take in Costa Rica?

This may depend on the size of the tooth or filling required. ‘Direct’ fillings are the easiest and can be done in around half an hour. The dentist simply drills out the decayed area of tooth before cleaning, filling and shaping.

‘Indirect’ fillings take longer – mainly because there is usually a large portion of decay to be removed, and you may need a crown to be fitted. In these circumstances impressions of your teeth will be made and sent to the lab after removing the areas of decay. A temporary crown will be fitted until your permanent crown is ready and you will return a few days later to have the temporary removed and the permanent one fitted. Indirect fillings usually require a number of appointments over the course of a week.

What is the cost of dental fillings in Costa Rica compared to the United States and Canada?

Dental fillings start from around $155 in the US, but only $55 in Costa Rica.

Composite fillings will give you that tooth-colored finish and last between 5 and 7 years. However, using good quality materials such as porcelain may mean your fillings lasting as long as 15 years - and this is still a fraction of the cost of porcelain fillings at home. 

Can I book online for dental fillings in Costa Rica?

Yes - book with us online, or call our Toll-Free number for your dental fillings in Costa Rica. We guarantee you the best prices with our quality-checked dentists so book with us for the best prices and the best dentists.

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