Fillings in Manila

The Ultimate Guide to Fillings in Manila

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Traveling abroad just for dental fillings would not ordinarily be very cost-effective. However, if you are already abroad on holiday it will save you money. Manila is the major entry point for travelers visiting the Philippine islands, and just an hour or two out of your holiday schedule will be time well spent.

Manila is one of southeast Asia’s most important cities, and it is a fascinating fusion of Asian, Spanish and American cultures. There is plenty to see and do here, from mooching around markets in Chinatown to eating out at fine restaurants  to soaking up the culture in the old Spanish walled town and the museums and galleries. 

Why have Dental Fillings in Manila? 

Although Manila offers plenty to holidaymakers in its own right, it is also a gateway to the rest of The Philippines’ stunning islands and varied terrain. As one of the world’s most biodiverse countries, exploring the islands and discovering for yourself the Philippines’ flora and fauna is a short plane ride away from the Capital.

The Philippines is one of our top dental tourism destinations and we work closely with our dentists in Manila to provide patients with excellent services. Our clinics use modern dental diagnostic and surgical technology and the materials used by the labs are top-quality.

There is no doubt that your dental fillings in Manila will be just as good as the fillings you would receive at home. However, the big difference is in the price. This is something that may be of particular importance to you if you are thinking of replacing your amalgam fillings, either for health or aesthetic reasons.

How long do Dental Fillings take in Manila?

Most ‘direct fillings’ which are usually done on the front teeth can be completed in well under an hour. Larger fillings or ‘indirect fillings’ may need to be done on the back teeth, necessitating treatment on a number of surfaces. These obviously require more time.

In either case the procedure is the same. Your mouth will be numbed around the infected tooth. The dentist then removes the decayed areas with a drill. The resultant cavity is then cleaned and filled with the appropriate material. Once the filling has set your dentist the material will be filed into shape until if feels comfortable and natural to you.

Fillings can be done with a range of materials, which your dentist will discuss with you before the treatment commences. 

What is the cost comparison of Dental Fillings in Australia and New Zealand to Manila?

The material you have will affect the price – composite is one of the cheaper materials, with gold being the most expensive.

The cost of composite dental fillings in Australia are around AUD $150, but in Manila they are as little as AUD $7.

An hour or two or your time can produce big savings, especially if you are having multiple fillings attended to  – and the bonus is that you will be keeping your oral health in optimum condition.

How do I book?

Book online or call Toll-Free. Find a dentist for your dental fillings in Manila with confidence. Use Dental Departures to choose and book quality dentists for the best prices.

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