Root Canal in Hungary

The Ultimate Guide to Root Canal in Hungary

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Not the most welcome of dental procedures, the actual price of a root canal treatment can come as more of a shock than the thought of the procedure itself. Book your root canal in Hungary with us and we will show you how to save up to 90% on the costs at home, and potentially save your tooth.

What is Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment is the removal of infected tissue that lies in the root of a tooth. This infected tissue can lead to an abscess, which may the first indication you will get that something is wrong. Eventually, it is possible to lose the whole tooth if root canal treatment is not carried out.

Some indication that root canal treatment is required may be pain or throbbing while biting; sensitivity to hot and cold foods, a swelling on the gums; or an abcess (infection).

With proper treatment the procedure should be completed with no pain, being no more uncomfortable than the after-effects of a filling. Success rates are high and with a proper restoration (crown) the tooth should last as long as your other teeth, and can even be used as an anchor tooth in bridge work and partial dentures. 

What is involved in the treatment of Root Canals?

Under a local anesthetic, the first step is to gain access to the nerve in the tooth root by making a small access opening in the top of the tooth. The infected pulp is removed and the canal cleared of all debris, re-shaped and cleansed thoroughly. A temporary filling will be put in place and left in place for a few days to ensure there is no sign of infection before the permanent filling or crown is fitted.

How long do Root Canals take in Hungary?

The number of visits necessary to complete the root canal procedure entirely will depend on several factors, including whether there is an infection present, the number of canals in the tooth, the complexity of the procedure and whether a crown restoration is required.

A straightforward root canal can be done in a day, but you will need to return a few days later to have a permanent filling or crown put in. If your treatment is complex, or if you have an infection, it may require several visits over a period of 2 weeks to your dentist in Hungary.

Why have Root Canals in Hungary?

Hungary’s dentists are among the best in the world, on a par with US and UK dentists with extensive training until qualification, and on-going continuing education throughout the rest of their career. Dentists and auxiliary staff, including assistants and nurses, must all be registered with the Hungarian Ministry of Health.

Having treated visitors from overseas for decades, Hungary’s dentists are one of the pioneers of dental tourism. They speak English, are used to the demands of overseas patients with relation to time constraints, and offer a quality of service which is sometimes lacking in dentists at home.

Because dental tourism is so well-established here, clinics are modern, hygienic and equipped with the latest technology – and the competition for patients between clinics means standards are always kept very high.

While Hungary is a high-income country, it still remains one of the cheapest in Europe – ideal for anyone visiting from the UK and Eire where prices for everyday tourist expenses, such as dining out, is considerably more expensive. 

What is the cost of Root Canals in Hungary?

Root canal treatments average around £70 (€100/$120/AUD $120) in Hungary, compared with £840 in the UK (Eire €1,000; US $1,300; Aus $1,300). If you are also having a crown, the cost is likely to cost more than double these prices, and so it is well worth the trip abroad to Hungary for your root canal treatment.

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