Veneers in Agua Prieta

The Ultimate Guide to Veneers in Agua Prieta

Bring back a straight, even smile and say goodbye to crooked or ugly teeth with dental veneers in Agua Prieta. An expensive procedure at home, our quality-checked dentists will provide you with the same high standards and materials, but for around 70% of the price. Book your appointment with us and we will show you how.

Dental veneers are one of the simplest ways of transforming an unattractive set of stained, crooked or damaged teeth into a beautiful, white, even smile - but they are expensive at home.

However, patients in-the-know from the US and Canada have been traveling to places such as Agua Prieta, just over the border in Mexico, to have all their dental needs seen to. High quality services, materials and expertise are all available here, but at economical prices.

With an abundance of sights to see and amenities on offer Agua Prieta is a wonderful part of the world to enjoy a break in. For patients coming here for dental veneers the treatment is not painful. There will be nothing to distract you from enjoying things as you normally do - so you will be free to engage in whatever takes your fancy while you are waiting for your veneers to be made by the lab.

Why have Dental Veneers in Agua Prieta?

There is no need to worry that your dental veneers will be second-rate compared to veneers you might receive at home. In Mexico dentists and labs use the same materials and brands available in the United States, so your veneers will look just as good as someone who has had theirs done in the US.

You may be wondering whether it is worth the trip to visit a dentist in Agua Prieta? The prices speak for themselves and you can save up to 80% with our dentists in Agua Prieta – which is not small change on expensive veneers, especially when you consider that most patients usually require at least four veneers.

How long do Dental Veneers take in Agua Prieta?

For clinics with in-house CAM/CAD ceramic studios you may be able to get them done in a day if you are not having many. Generally though it will usually take around 5 days – with two appointments with the dentist on the first and last day - and the few days in between while you wait for the lab work to be carried out.

On your first dental appointment your teeth will be prepared to receive the veneers. The dentist will remove a thin slice of enamel from the front of the teeth so the veneers will fit snugly on top. Impressions will be made and sent to the lab for your veneers to be custom-made.

On your second appointment the veneers will be fixed to your teeth with a special adhesive and light-bonding process. After your dentist has thoroughly cleaned your teeth and removed all traces of adhesive your new veneers are ready to face the world.

What is the cost comparison of Dental Veneers in Agua Prieta to the US and Canada?

There are a number of different materials for veneers, which your dentist will discuss with you prior to treatment starting, and this will affect the final cost. Generally in the United States they start at around $1,250 per tooth, compared to prices which start at just $300 in Agua Prieta.

With many patients usually requiring a number of veneers it is possible to save thousands on the cost of dental veneers by coming to Agua Prieta, and is definitely worth your consideration if you are wanting to improve your smile.

How do I book?

Find our quality-checked dentists, compare prices and book online. We are also available via our free phone, e-mail or online chat if you want to ask us anything about dental veneers in Agua Prieta. Discover how easy and affordable it is to renew your smile in Agua Prieta with Dental Departures.

(Image by: John Morgan)