Whitening in Mexicali

The Ultimate Guide to Whitening in Mexicali

Change your smile dramatically with teeth whitening in Mexicali. An easy way to improve your smile, book with Dental Departures to get quality-checked dentists and prices up to 70% less than at home.

For patients from North America, a trip over the border can easily save you hundreds of dollars. Find your dentist with us, compare prices, read reviews and uncover our exclusive discounts with our quality-checked dentists.

Mexicali is particularly convenient for Canadians and Americans, as many have discovered. With a choice of two international airports in either Mexicali, or just over the US border in Calexico – and being at the junction of some major interstates and highways – there are various ways of getting here to suit your budget and time constraints. Mexicali is a modern city and there are plenty of shopping facilities, great restaurants and bars to sample, with prices considerably cheaper than back home. Should you wish to stay over there is an abundance of hotel accommodation at all prices.

Why have Teeth Whitening in Mexicali?

Stained or discolored teeth can really ruin your smile. A professional tooth whitening treatment will not only restore your smile, but also your confidence.

Teeth whitening treatments may be carried out in your dentist’s clinic, or at home with professional tooth whitening gels. Laser teeth whitening is carried out at your dentist’s office. There are a number of different systems used, such as Brite Smile or Zoom, but all are equally as good. The dentists in Mexicali use the same treatments and materials as the dentists do in North America – the only difference you will notice is the price.

Mexicali’s location means it is great to visit for a day-trip for fairly inexpensive treatments such as laser teeth whitening, particularly as driving over the border is now much quicker with the designated medical tourism lane. Many patients have noticed that as well as saving hundreds or thousands of dollars by traveling here, they have experienced excellent standards of care. They have also found the dental clinics well-equipped with the latest technologies

How long does Teeth Whitening take in Mexicali?

Both professional home whitening kids and in-surgery laser whitening use a peroxide-based gel to whiten the teeth. 

Laser Teeth Whitening

Producing instant results, laser tooth whitening takes about two hours in your dental clinic. Before the procedure commences, your dentist will use a shade chart to gauge the shade of your teeth, and will clean your teeth thoroughly to remove any tartar and stains. Your mouth will then be prepared so that the bleaching gel is only exposed to your teeth, and not your lips, gums or cheeks. To shield your eyes from the laser you will be given protective goggles to wear. The gel will then be applied and exposed to the laser. The bleaching agent in the gel is activated by the laser. After a quarter of an hour, the gel will be removed and the process repeated twice. When the procedure is completed your dentist will remove all traces of the gel and will use the shade chart again to ascertain your teeth’s new color.  

Professional Home Whitening Kits

Custom-made whitening trays are made from impressions of your teeth. These usually take about a week. Your dentist will provide you with the whitening gel which you use in combination with the trays at home. The trays are worn for a few hours each day, or overnight. You continue the treatment until you are satisfied with the results.

What is the cost comparison of Tooth Whitening in Mexicali to the US and Canada?

In the US laser tooth whitening may cost over $1,000, but in Mexicali it is only around $200. Professional home whitening kits are substantially cheaper than laser whitening in the US, at around $500. In Mexicali home whitening kits are from $150.

With only a small difference in price between laser tooth whitening and home whitening kits in Mexicali, it is definitely worth considering the trip here for this effective cosmetic dentistry procedure.

Can I book Tooth Whitening in Mexicali online?

Yes you can. It's easy. Find your dentist, compare prices, photos, reviews, clinic photos and book online, or phone us, or e-mail us - the choice is yours. With Dental Departures you will always get the best prices available and reputable dentists for teeth whitening in Mexicali - so remember to contact us when you're ready to book.

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