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The Ultimate Guide to Dentures in Puerto Vallarta

Last fact-checked: 20 May 2019

Are ill-fitting dentures causing you a headache, from a comfort point of view and a cost perspective for replacements? Save at least 60% and book an appointment for dentures in Puerto Vallarta with Dental Departures. We make it easy to find your dentist, read reviews, check-out clinic photos, get a free quote and the best prices available - guaranteed

Why Should I Get Dentures in Puerto Vallarta?

Dentures are a common solution to the common problem of tooth loss. Getting your dentures in Puerto Vallarta will enable you to have much better quality materials for far less than you would pay in North America. Full or partial tooth loss may necessitate wearing a denture, but this doesn’t mean your smile has to suffer. 

Puerto Vallarta, while retaining its old-world charm, is a modern Mexican boomtown with all mod cons for today’s discerning traveler. Glorious beaches, shimmering waters and green mountains surround this pretty resort, but its packaging is not its only attraction. Stroll around its cobblestone streets among café’s, astounding restaurants, galleries and museums and let all your cares drift away.

A great location for a vacation, Puerto Vallarta is pretty as a picture and has a laid-back artsy vibe. Overlooking the Bay of Banderas, you can explore the coastline by boat, or just relax and enjoy the views from the beach. In between your dental appointments, you’ll have a fine time getting to know the town.

Puerto Vallarta’s dentists offer great quality materials and treatments–the same, in fact, that dentists in North America use. The utilization of advanced dental materials means that dentures are much more comfortable, and more natural-looking than they have been in the past. The brands and materials may be the same, but because overheads in Puerto Vallarta are substantially less than they are for your dentist at home, it is likely you will be able to afford something much better in Puerto Vallarta.

Obviously, if you are replacing all your teeth, then you will want to consider all the options very carefully. Whatever you choose, whether its conventional dentures or implant-supported dentures, the cost savings will be considerable if you have your dentures in Puerto Vallarta.

How Long Do Dentures Take in Puerto Vallarta?

The procedure for dentures may vary, depending on these factors:

Post Surgery/Extractions: If you have had surgery or extractions, permanent dentures cannot be fitted until the gums have healed. Otherwise, they can be made in a matter of days.

Having dentures fitted after extractions: After extractions non-permanent or ‘healing dentures’ are fitted. These are lighter than permanent dentures, allowing the gums to heal. These should be worn for a few months, although they can be worn for years. Once your permanent dentures are fitted they may need adjusting from time to time. This is the same whether you are having partial dentures (if you only have some missing teeth), or full dentures (if all your teeth are missing).

Dentures with Porcelain Teeth vs Dentures with Acrylic Teeth: Permanent dentures can be made from porcelain or acrylic, and there are implications surrounding both.

Porcelain dentures, while having a natural appearance compared to acrylic, are heavier, placing more stress on gums and bones. Acrylic dentures, while much lighter and more comfortable to wear, do not last as long. Your dentist will discuss the implications and choices available to you in much more detail. 

How Much Can I Save on Dentures in Puerto Vallarta Compared to the US or Canada?

This will depend on what type of denture you have and what materials are used but see the table below for the average price of dentures in Puerto Vallarta compared to home:


US $


UK £



Full Dentures Prices at home






Full Dentures Prices in Puerto Vallarta






Finding a reliable dentist in Puerto Vallarta offering affordable dentures is easy with Dental Departures, giving you the chance to improve your smile and take a well-earned vacation at the same time.

Further Information

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