Are Cheap Dental Implants in Bali Really Safe?


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World travelers know that visiting another country can serve a purpose aside from the thrill and enjoyment of exploring an exotic location. A trip may also provides access to low-cost dentistry, like cheap dental implants. Bali, Indonesia’s popular holiday island, is one such place where dental tourism is very much another industry, like traditional tourism, that it does well.

Low Cost and High Quality

Dental operations can be extremely expensive, especially when it comes to dental implant procedures. So pricey, in fact, that many Australians and New Zealanders can fund a full trip to Bali, including the cost of the dentist’s visit and operation there, for thousands cheaper than just getting the operation done domestically. For example,


Dental implant prices Bali AUD $2,100 NZD $2,277

Dental implant prices Australia AUD $5,100 New Zealand NZD $5,500


Dental centers in Bali are generally modern and professional because of competition between them for new business from international visitors. The dentists themselves are clear in providing their medical qualifications and accreditations, and the staff in these centers are usually well-spoken if not fluent in English. You will find that getting dental implants in Bali is just like receiving them from a dentist back home.

Do your homework…

Dentists in Bali are now fully prepared to meet the needs of international patients with clinics like Bali 911 Dental Clinic being a particular favorite of foreign visitors. All good dental clinics can be contacted through their website or by email so don’t feel worried about contacting clinics to ask any questions beforehand.

Make sure to do research on pricing, the best times of year to visit Indonesia (generally July through September), and reviews from patients who have had dental work done there in the past. Getting cheap dental implants in Bali is a safe option, but, like with any medical care decision, it’s important to find the clinic with the best track record and capability to care for your specific needs.

…And go prepared

When going to Bali for dental implant surgery, plan out your whole trip as best as possible, well ahead of time. Once you choose the clinic you want to visit, make sure to get a hotel or guesthouse close by for an easy recovery period after your surgery. Inquire about any special needs you’ll require, before and after surgery, with the place you’re going to stay. Also, get familiar with public transportation, taxi services, and even tuk-tuks, for getting to and from your operation.

Bali’s excellent dental tourism industry means that it is a safe and more affordable alternative to getting dental implants at home. Like any sort of traveling, the real safety risk comes from being unprepared and unfamiliar. Take care finding a good dental clinic in Bali, do your research, and plan ahead. Once you’ve taken those steps, simply enjoy the savings on your dental work and, most of all, your time in Bali!