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Are you searching for top dental clinics offering cheap dental implants? Nuevo Progresso is a good place to start.

Nuevo Progreso is a quaint, little town in the state of Tamaulipas. There are thousands of Texans that visit the town for shopping and travel excursions. Just like any other place in Mexico, Nuevo Progreso's booming industry is its affordable healthcare. It is a great place to find cheap dental implants. Nuevo Progresso is a must-visit for dental tourists who are budget-conscious. Navigation within the town is also easy because of its relatively small land area.

Nuevo Progreso offers dental tourists reasonably priced procedures that are far better than the prices back in their home country. Shown in this dental implants price list are prices that have been compared to other countries that offer the same dental procedures and quality of care.








$ 5,122.00

$ 5,355.00

$ 3,900.00


$ 2,625.00

$ 2,746.00

$ 2,000.00

Nuevo Progresso

To best help potential patients get the best price possible with the same procedure and at the same location, Dental Departures offer a best price guarantee that can help them plan and compare with the prices from other destinations.


Here is the list of the notable clinics around Nuevo Progreso:

The Luz Marley Garcia Alvarez dental clinic is located just minutes away from the US-Mexico border. The clinic and their staff believe that having poor dental health can definitely alter or have negative effects on the life of patients. They provide personalized treatments for each individual patient and their specific dental concerns.

For the past 18 years, the Dental Progreso Clinic has provided unparalleled dental treatment and quality care to both local and international patients. Dr. Xavier Aguirre, the resident dentist, is experienced and highly trained in all areas of dentistry as well as implants and cosmetic procedures.

The Progreso Smile Dental Center was established 20 years ago. The center has always been updated with the latest techniques and technology to provide their patients with the best dental care. The clinic prides itself in delivering a comprehensive range of dental treatments from general dentistry to cosmetic dentistry.

Next is the Hernandez Dental Clinic that has been established in 1989. They are the leading dental clinic when it comes to restorative dental surgery. The medical staff is highly skilled in giving local and international patients comprehensive procedures in this specialized field.

Lastly, the Border Dental Solutions Clinic invites patients by providing discounts for a more affordable price with reliable quality. The clinic is staffed with approachable and skilled medical experts that help patients reach their desired results.

Dental Departures can help potential patients find the right hotel accommodations that are within the vicinity of the clinic. Making well-informed decisions are just one of the services that Dental Departures provides to customers from anywhere in the world.

Potential patients should make sure that not only are they paying a cheaper price but also getting quality work. Make sure to visit these dental clinics for cheap dental implants. Nuevo Progreso might be small but its affordable dental care prices are worth the visit.

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