Prices and Savings of Dental Procedures in Cancun

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The high costs of dental treatment in countries like the US and Canada are drawing more and more people to Mexico, with options in the coastal resort city of Cancun offering prices up to 70% lower than at home. 

But just how affordable is dentistry in Cancun? Below, we look at some of the most common treatments together with average prices and recommended clinics. 

What areas of Dentistry are covered in Cancun?

Clinics in Cancun use advanced dental technology in serving local and international patients, encompassing a complete range of dental services that include:

General Dentistry

All of our listed dentists are fully qualified and licensed to practice general dentistry at the very minimum, with most having undertaken diplomas and post-graduate degrees in other specialist areas, as outlined further down.

A general dentist is normally your first port of call for consultations, diagnoses, tests as well as certain minor preventative, cosmetic and restorative treatments, such as fillings, teeth cleaning, laser whitening, veneers and crowns. 

For prices, check out our dentist listings below: 

Oral Surgery

This term refers to any invasive procedure carried out in or around the mouth and jaw, often by certain specialists who have undergone additional training. 

For instance, the removal of impacted wisdom teeth is a common oral surgical procedure, as well as gum grafts, sinus augmentation, bone grafts, facial reconstruction, and jaw/teeth repair following trauma. 

Dental Implants

A sub-specialty of oral surgery, dental implants are normally used to replace missing teeth with titanium posts that are used to hold a crown or bridge (false tooth).

There is a range of other, more complex implant procedures that can be used to permanently replace several or all of a patient's missing teeth, such as implant-supported overdentures or fixed bridges, that are loaded onto four, six or eight implants (per jaw). 

See the starting prices for dental implants in Cancun here. (approx. USD $2,000 (CAD $2,664; UK £1,600; Eur €1,187; AUD $2,672; NZD $2,890) for titanium implant treatment). 



This area of dentistry focuses on inflammatory diseases that affect the gums or other structures around the teeth. Essentially, periodontists help patients with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of gum diseases.

Again, different procedures may not require a specialist in Cancun, while others may overlap with other areas of dentistry, such as flap surgery/pocket reduction surgery, gum or sinus lifts and guided tissue regeneration. 


Endodontics is more commonly known as root canal therapy, which is used to repair and save a decayed tooth. Most procedures carried out under local anesthetic, involve the tooth being drilled so that the pulp, bacteria and other debris can be removed. The chamber is cleaned thoroughly and antibiotic medication may be placed inside. 

Find price estimates for root canal treatment in Cancun here. (approx. USD $360 (CAD $476; UK £287; Eur €337; AUD $474; NZD $514)


Specialists in orthodontics have carried out extensive training to straighten teeth and correct bite. Treatments in Cancun use modern techniques and materials in dentistry such as clear, removable aligners and braces.

See prices at these top clinics for braces in Cancun here

Cosmetic Dentistry

Experts in cosmetic dentistry have carried out additional training to improve the appearance of damaged teeth using a variety of options like veneers, laser teeth whitening, inlay, onlays, and crowns. 

While our partner clinics in Cancun are staffed by numerous experts in cosmetic dentistry, many of these procedures can be carried out by general dentists, as long as they have the necessary experience. 

Find price estimates for a couple of common cosmetic procedures in Cancun below:


This branch of dentistry focuses on the replacement of missing teeth with dental prostheses, such as crowns, dentures or even custom-made rows of replacement teeth fixed onto a bridge.

Patients visiting Cancun for new dentures may want to look at the starting prices here

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